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WSM International LLC

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_ Experienced in creating graphics or rendering software (as games or pro tools)._ A stable revenue-based structure with an existing product (on the market for 5+ years).... Click to read more.


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Bonus: experience with graphic design (i.e. Adobe CC Corel Affinity) and image manipulation in both vector and raster... Click to read more.


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Thinkful Inc.

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Host online video sessions on topics of your expertise (in alignment with curriculum offerings) for groups of student seeking live support between mentor sessions. This is a part-time role (10-25 hours a week)... Click to read more.


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Crowdcast is the virtual events platform for businesses & creators. Every month over 4 000 events go live (& growing) ranging from Q&As to workshops live shows meet-ups webinars online concerts & online summits. Our customers range from big companies like Adobe IBM Twilio & HP to creators like Mos Def Amanda Palmer MIA System of Down & Jacob Collier. You'll work with the latest technologies that power the web. On the front-end you'll mainly work with React (sometimes Angular) CSS-in-JS & WebRTC. On the back-end you'll work with Node.js AWS Google Cloud Redis Mongo Docker FFmpeg HLS DASH & more. All of these are subject to change with time and your input.4+ years of engineering experience. Comfortable working across multiple platforms and environments. Have solid engineering fundamentals (CS degree a plus but not required).Have a good sense of what makes a delightful user-experience and a sense for good design (although no design experience needed).Healthcare Coverage (including dental & vision)Crowdcast is an equal opportunity employer. We value and celebrate how you identify who you love the color of your skin your age (at heart and on paper) the gods you do or don't believe in and every other belief and characteristic that makes you uniquely YOU. The more inclusive we are the better we — and our work — will be. A description of your work history (whether as a resume LinkedIn profile or prose)Links to online profiles you use (GitHub Twitter etc)(For example how you got started what area of the stack you feel most familiar with what motivates you what technologies you want to learn what resonates with you about our mission etc.) ... Click to read more.