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You can work remotely from anywhere in the world (although + - CET time zone would be a preference)... Click to read more.

Prometheum Inc.

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Thorough working knowledge (and preferably DBA experience) working with a variety of database NoSQL and other storage technologies in NodeJS (at least including PostgreSQL and Redis)Application (and host) scaling experience with NodeJSSome experience building with front-end frameworks (e.g. React Vue) requiredFull stack application architecture and design experience required (everything from the hardware and network to browser packaging and usability)... Click to read more.


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We get together for a week every quarter so we can collaborate in person explore new solutions and have fun. So far we’ve played pétanque in Nice bonded in Brussels and (tried to) surf in Lisbon.... Click to read more.


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(AM) high quality Our mission is to print “Any (industrial) part Anywhere” in the world.Our solution leads to less scrap material (waste) in the production of parts having a significant positive impact to our environment.... Click to read more.

Norwegian Block Exchange AS

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Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) is building the best cryptocurrency exchange and digital ecosystems for consumers and institutions optimizing ways for businesses across industries to operate. NBX will lead the community for distributed ledger technologies and other digital assets through security integrity and customer experience. ... Click to read more.


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